LPR cameras Connected directly to Rosslare’s Access Control Panels

LPR cameras Connected directly to Rosslare’s Access Control Panels


Rosslare allows the connection of an LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera directly to its access control panels, without the need for the mediation of a video management software such as VITRAX. 

The connection is made directly to an available reader port at the control panel, by Wiegand protocol as if the camera is a registered reader. Getting the License Plate information, the system can decide whether to deny or grant access for the car and also can implement car parking management.  


Way of operation 

On AxTraxNG, Rosslare‚Äôs Access Control management system, version and above, a special Wiegand 64 bit protocol was added to support alphanumeric LPR/ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition) conversion into standard Wiegand and display the credential as LPR/ANPR data on the AxTraxNG \ AxTraxPro systems. 

In this way, using Wiegand 64 bit protocol, the camera can be connected directly to a Wiegand reader port on the control panel and transmit the license plate ID to the control panel, over this Wiegand 64 bit protocol, and as mentioned, no Vitrax is needed. 

Setting The Reader

On AxTraxNG\ AxTraxPro go to Reader setting, and check the "License Plate Check box, the Hikvision Conversation table is automatically selected:

Adding a License Plate credential to a user 

On user properties window select the Credential tab and click the "Enroll from License Plate" button:

Enter the License plate (up to 8 characters) all letters must be capital letters and click OK:

A new credential "License Plate " was added to the user's credential:

Supported cameras 

The supported Camera and Firmware version can be found at the following Article

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