Using Gmail SMTP server for AxTraxNG mail notification

Using Gmail SMTP server for AxTraxNG mail notification

In AxTraxNG and above SMTP support for email notification was implemented. Using a Gmail account as your SMTP server requires non-standard Google SMTP settings.

Follow the steps in this document to configure the non-standard Gmail SMTP setting:

1.    In the Goggle account settings, allow access to less secure apps. You can use this link:

2.         Once less secure apps access is allowed, the email account will receive an email from Gmail that require to check the activity and confirm it, click the check activity button and follow the instructions:

3.         In the AxTraxNG Server Monitor, select the Options topic:

4.         Use the following settings:

·      Host:

·      Port: 587

·      User Name: Your email address (

·      Password: Google account password

·      Require SSL: Selected

5.         Once set up, click the Email Validation button and wait a few moments.

         Upon successful connection, your screen should look like:

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