Unable to save LPR conversion table on Reader Configuration Version

Unable to save LPR conversion table on Reader Configuration Version

This Technical Note only apply to AxTraxNG version 


Recently a few cases have been reported that trying to save LPR conversion table on Reader Configuration window not being saved in AxTraxNG DB. 

The Solution

Replace AxTraxNG client.exe file with a new file 

How to Apply the Patch

1. Download the patch file from: http://pc.cd/jvP7 
2. Extract the patch file on your PC to a known location (Desktop for example).
3. Locate the Client installation path of AxTraxNG Client, usually under C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosslare\AxTraxNG Client for Windows 64-Bit version and. For 32-Bit Windows version, the default              path is C:\Program Files\Rosslare\AxTraxNG Client
4. Preserve the file: 'Client.exe’ by renaming it to ‘Client.OLD’.
5. Copy the new 'Client.exe’ file to the same path.
6. Now AxTraxNG Client should save the LPR conversion table data.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 on any AxTraxNG Client PC.

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