MD-N32 (V.1.2.4) Connecting with AxTraxNG version and earlier (AC-215IP/225IP/425IP)

MD-N32 (V.1.2.4) Connecting with AxTraxNG version and earlier (AC-215IP/225IP/425IP)

Please note that this Technical-note only refer to AxTraxNG verison while using an Access Control Panel equipped with MD-N32 (V 1.2.4)


Since Rosslare Release Access control IP panels provided with MD-N32 version 1.2.4 those Control panels are only supported on AxTraxNG version and above. 

This technical note allows you to connect and communicated to Access control IP panels using an earlier version of AxTraxNG.

The Solution: 

This Technical note will explain how to configure MD-N32 (V.1.2.4) using an external PC configuration tool and add a network to AxTraxNG.

This Technical Note only apply to the following Access Control Panels:
  1. AC-215IP
  2. AC-225IP
  3. AC-425IP 

How to Connect an MD-N32(V.1.2.4) to AxTraxNG version and earlier: 

  1. Download the WIZnet S2E configuration tool from HERE.
  2. Run the WIZnet S2E configuration tool and Click search button:

  3. Identify the Access Control Panel you like to configure using the panel MAC address from the list:

  4. Set the Following (Setting Tab):
    1. Status Pin:
      1. PHY link
      2. SDR
    2. Network Configuration:
      1. Local IP – the Access Control Panel IP address
      2. Subnet mask – the local network Subnet mask
      3. Gateway – the local network Default Gateway
      4. DNS server – as Local IP
    3. IP Allocation –       Static

  5. Set the following (Channel #1 Tab):
    1. Operation Mode – TCP mixed
    2. Local Port –         the port requested to connect (recommended higher than 40000, max value 65535)
    3. Remote IP –         As local IP
    4. Remote Port - As Local port
    5. Serial operation:
      1. Baud rate – 9600 (make sue the Access Control Panel is set to 9600)
      2. Date bit – 8
      3. Parity –        NONE
      4. Stop bit - 1
      5. Flow control -        RTS on TX (invert)
    6. Serial command mode
      1. Enable
      2. Trigger cod - 2B 2B 2B
    7. Timer interval
      1. Inactivity Timer - 60
      2. Reconnection Timer - 3000
    8. Serial data packing condition:
      1. Characters - 00
      2. Size - 0
      3. Time - 10

  6. Click “Setting” Button to save the setting:A success note should be shown:

  7. Open AxTraxNG client version or earlier, from the tree view select networks and click the + button to add a new network.
  8. Set Network Type as TCP/IP and fill up the Access Control Panel IP Address, port and speed (9600) as set by WIZnet S2E tool and Click OK:

  9. Now you can add Access Control panels to the network:

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