How to upgrade from AxTraxNG to AxTraxPro

How to upgrade from AxTraxNG to AxTraxPro

This technical note gives the procedure to upgrade from AxTraxNG™ v27.7.1.18 or above to AxTraxPro™ v28.0.x.x.

Upgrade to AxTraxPro is only available from AxTraxNG version and above, if your version of AxTraxNG lower then AxTraxNG version Please upgrade to the latest release of AxTraxNG
Prior to the upgrade it is recommended to set AxTraxNG to English, go to Tools, Options and select English as language.
Prior to the upgrade,  you need to Make sure all AC-825IP control panels are compatible with AxTraxPro.

Verify the AC-825IP control panel is compatible with AxTraxPro:

  1. On AxTraxNG version and above go to Help > About.
  2. If no controller type is given or a different AC-825IP type is seen, the controller is compatible withAxTraxPro
  3. If "Your site contains" list is seen, your site might not compatible with AxTraxPro, Please contact your local Rosslare sales representative 

Backup the AxTraxNG database

  1. Open AxTraxNG Client and log in
  2. Click Tools > Database.
  3. In the Select Database Options list, select Backup Now.
  4. Keep the default folder location, you can add a prefix if needed. 
  5. Click OK
The application closes during the database backup operation.
The database file is saved with the following naming convention: DB Name _AxTrax1_v21.

Stop the AxTraxNG Server service:

  1. Open Task Manager in Windows or Run services command.

  2. Select the Services tab (in case of running services directly this step is not needed)

  3. Select the AxTraxNG Service.
  4. Click Stop

Migrate to AxTraxPro

AxTraxPro only supports SQL Server 2019. If a different version of SQL Server is in use, it is necessary to install a new instance of SQL Server 2019.

  1.  Install the latest Release of AxTraxPro
  2. Open the AxTraxPro desktop client.
  3. Click Tools > Database
  4. In the Select Database Options list, select Migrate from AxTraxNG V27.7.1.18 and above.
  5. Browse to the folder that contains the AxTraxNG database backup file.
  6.  Select the AxTraxNG database backup file
  7. Select the user photo folder if necessary 
  8. Click OK.
  9.  Follow the instructions on the screen to migrate AxTraxNG DB to AxTraxPro, and handle any Conflict, in case of conflicts you will have to decide if you like to abort the DB migration or continue anyway.
Please note that continuing the migration under conflicts will affect the system behavior!

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