Start Services

Start Services

If you encounter the error “Server Connection Failure” as shown when attempting to open the AxtraxNG Client

The issue may be that the AxtraxNG server is not running, this is an issue often caused by Windows update not restarting third party services after an update.

Open the task manager in windows, if there are not multiple tabs click more details and select the tab services.

Select the Services tab then click on the column heading Name to sort alphabetically then scroll down the list and look for 

AxtraxNG Server then MSSQL$VERITRAX as shown, if either status is stopped or is blank, right click on it and select start.

If you get the message “Access Denied”, select Open Services at the bottom.

From the services screen attempt to start the AxtraxNG server and or SQL Server Veritrax in the same manner.

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