How to set up Email Notification on AxTraxNG

How to set up Email Notification on AxTraxNG

AxTraxNG support email notification using SMTP account for cases like event notification and reports, to set email notification please follow the steps in this article.

Setting SMTP account: 

  1.  In AxTraxNG server monitor Go to Option Section:
  2. Set the Hostname, Port, User Name, password and id the account requires SSL:
  3. Click the "X" to verify connection to SMTP server:

Configuring Email notification on AxTraxNG 

  1. Go to Tools, Option and select the email notification Tab: 
  2. Make sure this section is enabled, Type the email Recipients and the required events to be sent as notifications: 
  3. To add more than 1 recipient use semicolon ";" 
  4. Click OK to save setting. 
This is a sample of Email Notification:

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