How to connect AxTraxPro server to remote SQL server

How to connect AxTraxPro server to remote SQL server

Before starting this process please make sure that the SQL server meets AxTraxPro server supported SQL servers.  Which versions of SQL Server does AxTraxPro support?

Preparing for Remote SQL connection:

To connect the AxTraxPro server to a remote SQL server please follow this guide.
As General Rosslare recommend that a "sa" user and password will be provided to allow connection to the remote SQL server, if a "sa" user is not available please make sure that the SQL user provide has the following permissions:
  1. AxTraxPro DB (AxTraxPro) DBO rights

  2. Master DB VIEW SERVER STATE rights

Once an SQL user is created you will need to import the AxTraxPro DB into the remote SQL server, please contact the DB admin and provide him with a backup of the AxTraxPro database (in case of active installation) or a DB clear DB in case of new installation, you can find the clear DB in the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosslare\AxTraxPro Server\DB_Clear:
File Name: DBClear_AxTraxPro1_v23.bak

Configurating SQL server Connection details: 

Once the DB has been imported into the SQL server you need to configure the SQL connection settings using the AxTraxPro configuration toll.

Once all done start AxTraxNG service
  1. Run the AxTraxPro Configuration toll as "Administrator"

  2. Open the "Setting Section:

  3. Set the Flowing data: 
    1. server - set the SQL server Address\ Instance Name
    2. database - set the database name if imported under deferent name than default 
    3. Integrated_security - for using SQL login ser to off
    4. user_id - set the user name to login the SQL server 
    5. password - the passwords used to login the SQL server 
    6. First Run - for first connection set to On.
  4. You can also replace the connection string if you have a valid connection string and avoid the above manual settings.
  5. Click the save button 
  6. Restart the AxTraxPro server service. 

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