How to configure AxTraxPro Web Client for remote access

How to configure AxTraxPro Web Client for remote access

The Rosslare AxTraxPro™ Web Client software is a web-based software management system intended for the ongoing management of the AxTraxPro™ Server. Operators can access the system from a web browsers for daily tasks. The AxTraxPro access control system is user-friendly, intuitive, and rich functionality.

The AxTraxPro™ Web Client allows multiple operators logins and access on local and remote networks, this article will allow you to configure the AxTraxPro™ Web Server for remote access.

Configuring for Local Network access (LAN)

  1. Lunch the AxTraxPro Configuration Tool as Administrator (right click -> Run as Administrator
  2. Select the Web Server tab.
  3. on the IP Address field replace the 'localhost" with the local Machine IP address.
  4. Click the save button to save the setting.
  5. AxTraxPro Web Server and AxTraxPro Identity services will be restart to apply the new settings

Configuring for Remote Network access (WAN)

To Allow remote access over WAN a Static IP address is required.
A port forwarding must be ser for both Identity Port (default 3000) and WAN port
  1. Follow the above steps to allow LAN access 
  2. Select the WAN toggle 
  3. On the WAN IP field Address enter the WAN Static IP address 
  4. On the WEN Port field enter the requested WAN port

  5.  Click the save button to save the setting

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