How to add "Car Parking" Management to AxTraxNG

How to add "Car Parking" Management to AxTraxNG

AxTraxNG Car Parking management option allows you set up groups with a limited number of users who can access a particular area. This feature is counter based that keeps track of the number of users in a specified area. AxTraxNG offer 2 methods to manage the limit number of users in a  particular area:
  1. Following Access Area - a single limitation per access area.
  2. Following User Groups - a multiple user groups (up to 128 groups, depend on the Access Control Panel in use) while each group have its own limit 

To add a car parking management to AxTraxNG please follow those steps: 

  1. From the Tree View select Groups, Access Area, Global and click the + button.
  2. Select the Enter Readers and Exit Readers of the car parking area and click OK: 

Please note the all readers must be on the same access control panel, Car Parking management cannot be shared between access control panels. 
  1. From the Tree View select "Car Parking" and click the + button
  2. Select the car parking Access Area set earlier and set the working mode: 
  3. If "Access Area" is selected set the Maximum allowed users in the select area, in this way any user with access right to the selected reader will be allowed to enter the limited area and will be reduced from the available allowed users. 
  4. If "User Groups" is selected from the Tree View select Car Parking, Selected Car Parking and click The + button: 

    You can add more and more sub group till the control panel limitation.. 
    When using "User Groups" mode a use must be assigned to a user in order to reduce the available allowed users 

To Assign a Car Parking Group to a user please follow those steps: 

  1. From the Tree View select Users, Departments/Users, selected department, selected user and click the Edit button.
  2. From the "Car Parking Group" drop down menu select the car parking group you like to assign and click OK:
Please Note that Car Parking management is an  "Online" feature meaning the AxTraxNG server must be online for this feature to work.

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