Does AxTraxNG support Interlocking

Does AxTraxNG support Interlocking

Yes, AxTraxNG support Interlocking (Mantrap) option. 

The interlocking can be Activated on any Access Control Panel with 2 or more doors, while interlocking is active only 1 of the interlocking doors can be open at the same Time. 

To set an interlocking go to the panel properties window, under "Options" Tab you can select the Doors to be interlocked:

Please note that a Door monitor must be connected and activated for interlocking to be active
On AC-825IP Access Control Panel there is an option to set Interlocks Groups so in a way that multiple interlocks can be set on 1 AC-825IP and D-805 Expansion and Doors can be shared between interlocks. 
Please note that AC-825 cannot be set as panel interlocks and interlocks groups at the same time  

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